CBTA - Full Licence Course Options

Highway/Rural Riding  Training    $160

Training for 2 hours on highway and rural roads. You will be shown safe riding techniques including positioning, observations, anticipation, scanning and hazard awareness.

Assessment Only                         $90

If you are confident that you can pass a detailed assessment of your safe riding skills in higher speed conditions, you can take the CBTA Full Licence Assessment. View  the NZTA  Course guide to see how the assessment is conducted.

Combined Course                      $210

3 hour course. This combines the Highway course and the Assessment. At the conclusion of training there will be a short break and then you will complete the CBTA Full Licence Assessment.

You will need to bring:

Training and Assessment takes place in Rotorua, Cambridge and Tauranga

You should wear suitable protective clothing for riding at highway speeds and wet weather gear if necessary.

As well as the courses shown below, training can be tailored to your current level of experience and skill.

If you do not have a Learner Approved Motorcycle (LAMS), we can help provide you with a motorcycle for the assessment.

Your CBTA Full Licence Assessment can be taken once you have held your restricted licence for at least 9 months. However, you cannot apply for your full licence until you have held your Restricted Licence for one year.

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